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Positive energy + making money grow!

In his words

“I have over 20 years financial and commercial experience which has been developed by making the odd mistake and learning that there are no regrets in life, just lessons. I don’t take life too seriously and know that if I can wake each morning with a smile on my face, I am doing well. I enjoy being around positive people with a similar drive and passion and believe that success comes from people doing, not talking about doing.”

About Abby

Abby’s strong financial and management record has been developed within Bluechip global companies such as Warner Bros., Turner Broadcasting and Bang & Olufsen. During his career he has worked on two successful IPOs which raised over USD$235m and managed budgets in excess of US$750m. More recently, Abby has developed a passion for working within SME companies supporting senior management teams in achieving strategic goals and business growth. Abby’s breadth of experience provides Cube Networks an ability to drive financial strength and continued growth. His leadership approach is fueled by integrity, a positive mindset and a love for sharing knowledge. Having read many books on the topic of strategy and management styles, Abby believes Tom Peters is a GOD.

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