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In his words

"While I'm responsible for the numbers at Cube, my passion is to work with the entire business to drive change, efficiency and effectiveness. I have more than 20 years of experience in Finance and Commerce - with 16 years of that in Information Technology. I'm a firm believer that people and process are two forces that can combine to deliver great results. Guiding individuals through effective process management is something I enjoy as the results can be very rewarding!"

About Egerton

Egerton is an experienced CPA & CIMA (UK) Finance professional. A skilled business influencer with a flair for bringing numbers to life and driving alignment of business operations. A dedicated people focused leader, Egerton's ability to inspire teams to collaborate and achieve together sets him apart and is a true asset to Cube Networks. His many passions include playing guitar, collecting Tintin comics and shooting hoops with his boys - and you can alway rely on Egerton for thought provoking advice!

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