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In her words

I am an experienced P&C professional who is highly motivated and results driven. My role involves partnering with the business on our people strategy, experience and road map to our people vision. My strengths lie in identifying the potential in others and supporting leaders to maximise performance through people and provide growth opportunities across their teams. I strongly believe in the correlation between highly engaged humans and business success, and value the role I play in this.

About Charly

Charly is an accomplished people professional, known for her innovative approach to the ‘people experience’ . With the ability to ensure all People initiatives are reflected in measurable outcomes relating to business performance, Charly has developed some highly successful frameworks and initiatives. Through ongoing education, strong business partnerships and active industry participation, Charly has established herself as a highly regarded P&C professional and mentor. Among her many strengths and talents, Charly’s witty sense of humour is a standout and can be relied on to bring the lols in the most unexpected moments.

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