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In his words

"I have a passion for building strong teams and using technology to seek and drive opportunity for continuous improvement. Specifically, I get a real kick from automating the engine room - the stuff that keeps the lights on and the business running. I'm a firm believer that culture eats strategy for breakfast every day and I know that happy and satisfied team members are the key to high performing teams."

About Dan

Dan has over 15 years' experience in leadership roles and over 20 years experience working in technology across retail, finance and service organisations. He is a strong, technical leader with an innate ability to learn new technology and adapt it to benefit operational requirements.

Dan joined Cube Networks after most recently spending 10 years at one of Australia's leading and most successful retailers, having built (ground up) new networks and Security & Platform teams during his tenure. His long experience as a 'customer' (even of Cube!) places Dan well within the industry to drive Cube's Managed Services offering to even greater heights whilst focusing on our customers' greatest operational needs.

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