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In his words

“With a deep passion for technology and innovation, I am continuously exploring the next wave of technology that brings value to our customers – some may say I have a geeky streak! My approach to every challenge comes from a consultative perspective, engaging with customers to understand their business priorities before talking about solutions. As part of the founding team at Cube Networks, I am extremely proud of what we’ve been able to achieve for some of our country’s leading retailers. Providing transformative thought leadership and solutions that result in a real positive impact to our customer’s business.”

About Matt

Although he’s just ‘Reidy’ to us, our customers consider Matthew to be an ingenious tech superhero-ninja who seems to have a knack for staying in tune with disruptive new technologies as they unfold - and delivering solutions with baffling attention to detail. His approach can be attributed to 18 years of experience in both end-user and Systems Integrator roles, with responsibilities including consulting, design and support of some of Australia’s largest retail IT infrastructure networks.

Matthew is responsible for leading Cube’s overall technology strategy and direction, enabling IT operational excellence and leverages an established network of the industry’s best providers - to deliver tailored and carefully considered solutions. He is continually fueling innovation within the Cube team and encouraging ongoing learning - guiding the technical development of our engineering workforce with an out-of-the-box mindset.

Although Matt loves a good coffee, he’s best known for brewing ‘grind-breaking’ ideas.

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