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In his words

“As an ICT professional with 30 years’ experience, my approach has always been to build a career based on challenging myself outside of my comfort zone, seeking continual learning & growth. I am always looking for ways to make sustained improvements in the organisations I have been part of. Specialising in developing & running high performance technology service & delivery teams, I rely on a strong technical background to bridge & translate customer’s needs into Technology outcomes. If there is anything I have learned over my career it is that there is no ‘one’ path to success and only you can determine the opportunities you create for yourself.”

About Sean

Graduating from Monash University in 2000 with Majors in Computer Technology & Software Development, with a Minor in Management, a thirst for learning has continued, whether it be growing Computer technology skills, C/C++/C# programming, Web development or Networking, extending to related areas such as TQM, Agile methodologies, ITIL practices, Security compliance (ISO) and Project Management. We liken Sean to a modern-day Indiana Jones. When he’s not discovering ‘archaeological artefacts’ he’s uncovering hidden talents in his team!

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